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Drabble : Shower [ I regret nothing. ]

                                          ~ Shower ~ [R18]

For how things were now, stimulating her with just his fingers wasn’t enough anymore, for the both of them. Misaki, his face flushed with desire yet still embarassment, could clearly feel how the girl was pushing herself down onto his hand, how she quivered and whined each time her intimacy brushed ever so lightly against his lower regions.
He, on his part, could only gasp and groan each time they met, kissing and touching the tomboy’s skin with greedy hands and mouth. It was utterly amazing, even though standing there, in the shower was not the most comfortable position.
Soon, they both felt their legs buckle, and Misaki had to help the girl stand, pressing their body together against the wall; the water, incredibly hot, caressing their skin.
«I— » the redhead tried to speak, but words won’t come to his lips and soon had to give up trying to cope with any sentence. Instead of waisting more time, he suddenly dug his fingers deeper into her, and he was sure he’d hit a good spot when the lady moaned out loud, arching his back while calling out for more. And he indeed gave her more, teasing that spot with more and more thrusts, while at the same time genlty sqeezing one nipple.
Gulping at how she quickly became a moaning mess, he had to surrender to his flesh and with only a few moments of esitation, he removed his fingers while taking one of the girl’s leg, lifting it up in order to gain better access to her wet - drenched was probably far more accurate - entrance. It was… pink, slightly swollen and… lovely.
His heart almost exploded in his chest as he touched her with the tip of his member, shivers engulfing their bodies, which were searching for more.
«Is it ok?» he asked, glancing at her while licking his lips, but without waiting any answer, the boy was already in her, completely seated in a single thrust.
«M-Misaki…» he hissed under his breath, biting his lip to restrain a low groan.
It’s amazing.
…And his counterpart, from the way she was looking at him, seemed to think the same.
Gently smiling at her, he caressed her cheek with the free hand, leaning down to plant a delicate and tender kiss, which soon turned out to be more passionate and steamy as the boy started moving, at first slowing and then more fiecefully.
After that, they didn’t last much longer; collapsing, they cuddled breathlessly, and after regaining a bit of control, Misaki nuzzled at her, lightly whispering against her soft skin.
«Let’s do it more often. I— I mean the shower.»

[ M-Misakicest ♥ I’m sorry it is supposed to be a drabble, and I can’t write everything. ]